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Thermal leak detector BLACK&DECKER TDL100

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Easily spot hidden energy leaks in your home Use for seasonal home inspections Find hidden leaks around doors, floors, walls, pipes, ducts, windows and more Use to check temperatures of surfaces you can't touch Check to make sure your HVAC is working properly Diagnose engine misfires Check ceiling insulation around recessed lights Check for drafts around the fireplace Confirm that your fridge and freeze settings are correct And many more applications Shine the light on the wall and set the reference temperature. Move the light around your house. When the termp changes by 1, 5 or 10° F (user adjustable), the light will change to red or blue to indicate a hot or cold spot Tikslumas: ±1ºC Reguliuojamas temperatūros diapazonas 0.5ºC/3ºC/5.5ºC